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Rebuild Form

Rebuild terms please read

Professional level diagnostic equipment and / or specialist knowledge may be required to remove and reinstall.

Rebuild details ("Get Yours Rebuilt")

In order to get your unit rebuilt you will need to remove the faulty unit from the vehicle and send it to us (we will arrange collection in most areas), we would then test your unit and if it is faulty we would rebuild it then return it to you with a Lifetime warranty*. If the unit turns out not to be faulty then we would refund your payment less a test fee plus return shipping. Please make sure you check the part numbers on your unit match the rebuild service you are purchasing. Not all parts can be repaired — If the part is not repairable, we will refund your payment and ship it back to you.

Full step by step shipping instructions and booking confirmation will be provided during the payment process. You will be able to track the progress of shipping/collection and the test/rebuild your unit at every step from within your account.

Return Shipping

Quoted shipping is for the return shipping via DHL Express, shipping costs may vary depending on your region and will be confirmed before payment completes. When you complete payment the unit will be automatically booked in to our workshop.

Our estimated turn around time is currently 2 - 3 working days (excluding weekends).

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Vehicle Details

Component Details

VAUXHALL VECTRA 1.8 16v ECU (Transmission Combined Clutch Actuator)

ETC931897-B with watermark

Make : VAUXHALL, Model : VECTRA, Engine Size : 1.8, Manufacture Year : 2002 - 2008, VM No : L0G6D30007C0AB / 0132900002 / AC / 931897641208067 / 92016801208067 / 55352633 / AM / 91261861201208067 / 555636181208067 / BT / 555629731208067 / BK / 55 5650728 1208067 / CC / 555657281208067 / AG9D303701A / L0G9D30G0400AF / L0G9D30G0400 AF, OEM No : AG9D300710A / AG9D300709A / AG6D300100A / AG9D300713A / AG9D300710B / AG9D300711A / AA / AG9D300711B / AG9D300701A / AG6D300102A / AA / AG9D303700A / AQ / AG6D300101B / L0G9D3007002AB / L0G9D30G2801 / AA / L0G9D30G0400AE / L0G9D30G0400 AE / L0G9D30G0401AA / L0G9D30G0401 AA

Get Yours Rebuilt Price $260.00

Shipping: $50.00

VAT: $ 0.00

Total: $310.00